Odessa Texas Chapter

Odessa, TX

Meeting Schedule - 3rd Tuesday of the Month

Meeting Location - Marriott (Downtown) 305 E 5th Street, Odessa, TX 

Chapter Leadership

Jim Patterson

Chapter President 

Born & Raised in Odessa, TX. Graduate of Permian HS and attended Abilene Christian University-Abilene, TX.  & West Texas University-Canyon, TX.  Sales Career began at local Tank & Vessel Fabricator for many years and moved into Management as VP & GM.  I formed RyKor LLC (named after my first two (02) granddaughters Ryan & Kora) in 2017 and am involved in Produced Water, oil/gas process equipment and  contaminated water treatment technologies (Nutshell Filters, Electro-Oxidation, etc.)  I am the oil/gas factory rep for RVS CORP Bryan, TX. an ASME vessel fabricator, AQUA PULSAR water technologies and several other companies.  I have successfully started several small business companies over the years and am proud to say that all were great adventures that added to my life’s adventure.

I have been greatly blessed with a wife of 42 years and three (03) wonderful daughters and am enjoying the role of grandfather to three (03) beautiful granddaughters ages 2, 3, & 4.  Camping, traveling and going to Disney World with the kids lies ahead in my future schedule. 

 I am active or have been active in the following:  Produced Water Society Technical Committee member past 5 years advising, reviewing and actively involved in the society.  I am a current member of the SPE, AADE, NACE, APICS, ASICS, NAAA (North American Algae Assoc) and now OILFIELD CONNECTIONS.

I am looking forward to the challenge of building OILFIELD CONNECTIONS Odessa Chapter with my wonderful and growing leadership team of men and women.   Times are tough right now but faith, patriotism, networking and family will again lead us to better times.  


M: (432) 208-8888

Kelly Luxton

SVP & Chaplain

I was raised primarily in Odessa - but also around West TX as our family followed my Dad’s roughneck-drilling-fishing tool career. My O&G experience started right out of High School in Production Equipment fabrication, design, and sales. Eventually getting an BA in Economics while working at Sivalls, NATCO, & J.W. Williams.          I have gained experience in processes from the Wellhead to the Pipeline, from wellhead separation to Gas Processing & Treating and Water Quality needs. I have met a lot of fantastic men and women who have helped and mentored me. The LORD has blessed me and my wife with two children, their spouses, six Grandsons, and    one Great Grandson.

Looking forward to working with the Odessa Chapter and ALL the OCI chapters to help provide a format for our industry’s networking and business growth, our local communities, and our individual personal and spiritual growth.


M: (432) 631-2530

Darrell Ortiz

VP - Innovation & Technology

Darrell Ortiz, CEO & Founder of CDM Software Solutions, Inc.
Professional Biography

CDM Software Solutions, Inc. ∙ 2591 Dallas Parkway ∙ Suite 300 ∙ Frisco, Texas ∙ (972) 469-3082
Over three decades ago, the planet was set on its axis. From a time when computers were not a staple of how we function and those that existed utilized the elemental PC-based DOS, technology became the driving force impelling the reshaping of society. On the cusp of such transformative change, Darrell Ortiz, a 19-year University of Texas at Austin student, had an idea. Founding CDM Software Solutions, Inc., with a vision and a handful of employees, he leapt into the software technology revolution, and with subsequent unparalleled growth in logistics, Homeland Security and Oil & Gas asset tracking sectors, he has assumed a global leadership role serving an international clientele ranging from small home businesses to top Fortune 500 titans, as well as working with the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense and Major League sports franchises. The recognition for CDM spans a ranking among the Top 100 Logistics IT Providers by Inbound Logistics magazine to being named as the third-fastest growing private company in the region.by Houston Business Journal. It has also been designated as a CERTIFIED U.S. CUSTOMS software provider since 1990. The company has also notably grown, with 100 top professionals around the world with global alliance partnerships with Roanoke Insurance Group, Omni-ID, IBM, Impinj, GT Nexus, and Descartes When asked to describe his approach as a leader, Darrell is characteristically humble, identifying personal strengths of an adaptability depending on the project and the timeline to completion. When a customer describes what they see as insurmountable challenges, he consistently demonstrates the ability to expertly apply technology, business rules, and therein, deliver a software product that meets the needs of operations through management. This goes far to explain CDM’s growth and extraordinary 99 percent customer retention rate or as Darrell explains, “by staying agile, we’ve been able to see our customers through the dotcom bubble, energy crises, the energy boom, an increasingly connected global marketplace and much more,” The innovations pioneered by the firm with Darrell at the helm include Cargo Intelligence, a product enabling mission critical global asset tracking utilizing GPS, RFID, IoT and Barcode technologies with On-Demand Tracking and Exception Notifications, offering comprehensive shipment compliance and regulatory solutions for the United States, European Union, Canada, Japan, Singapore and China and CDM Asset Tracking, one of the first tablet and web-based asset tracking software solutions designed to enable Oil & Gas service providers/producers, Utility Contractors, airports, professional sports teams, broadcasting and manufacturing companies to effectively manage their assets utilizing that the latest in data capture technologies.


M: (630) 453-4226 

Michael Veretto

VP - Recruiting

Bio coming Soon


M: (432) 238-4979 

Will Vasek

VP  - Operations

Bio coming Soon


M: (432) 803-2691

Annette Augirre

VP - Social Media

My name is Annette Aguirre. I was born and raised in Mccamey, Texas. I graduated high school in 2005 and furthered my education from University of Phoenix with a Bachelor's Degree in Science of Human Services. I come from a long line of oil-men in my family. This has not only created a personal passion for providing solutions in the oilfield, but has shaped the dedicated work ethic I employ in all of my dealings. Like my dad, brothers, and my husband, I deeply believe that God, Family, and Country are the most important things in life. I hope to inspire my own daughters to be women of integrity, strong work ethic, and spiritual strength. 

Ben Samuels

VP - Strategic Development

Bio coming Soon


M: (713) 569-4171

Maria Vargas

Vice President - Professional Development

Bio coming Soon


M: (432) 438-1848

Johnny Garcia

VP - Human Development and Wellness Awareness

Business Development Professional with over 10 years of mid to senior-level management experience.

Strategic sales leader, highly effective contract negotiator, and outstanding customer service specialist.

Proven ability to select and train operational team members to achieve higher revenue growth.

Entrepreneur spirit, always willing attitude to work through situations to help others.

Seek simple effective solutions driving technical innovation forward.  Partake in the marketplace to contribute daily.

Career supported by vast training background in military, federal industry, and an Associate of Arts in Legal Studies.


M: (432) 894-6271 

Douglas Marcille

Veteran's Affairs Officer

Bio coming Soon


M: (432) 444-3039

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Mar 16, 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM
Marriott Hotel - Downtown,
305 E 5th St, Odessa, TX 79761, USA
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