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Ships will sail, Planes will fly, and trucks will roll!

Ships will sail, planes will fly, and trucks will roll!

Our beloved O&G industry is fatigued and battle worn from 2020. The one-two punch from OPEC and the virus forced an about face on what was to be a great year.

I see my Oilfield family following the rules and wearing a mask, not because we agree or disagree with its effectiveness, but hoping a complicit response will lead to quicker recovery. That's who we are. We are part of the solution, not the problem. And it's not sheepish, it's strategic.

At this point, the only way out, is all the way through. We know and understand this fact. We know that it's more important to get to the other side of this, than to debate points lost in lies, but passed as truth, by a media that has lost its way. We know it's more important to go to work, than to a protest, because if we don't go, the work won't get done.

Whether you're pushing paper in the Energy Corridor, on a drilling rig in West Texas, working flowback in OK, wireline in PA, swabbing, roustabout or roughneck.... this morning, my Oil & Gas brothers and sisters, I salute you!

It's because of you, that ships will always sail, planes will fire up those big jet engines and fly, and trucks will burn that diesel and roll.

There's Power In The Patch!

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Yes in deed power in the patch... i thank the lord every day to be a part of this industry...

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